Educational activities for children of the Dzherelny sanatorium

Elena Fedya and Lyudmila Skoryk, who now live in our sanatorium, took the initiative and organised developmental classes for the children.

Elena and Lyudmila have a lot of pedagogical experience, as the women were in charge of the Montessori centre “Discovery” in Kharkiv.


Comprehensive developmental classes with a change of area are known to be of great benefit. What is more, they are needed for children whose habitual living conditions have changed dramatically. Our active and restless children are now supervised, learn new things, learn to make friends and use the language of feelings.
The children follow the Montessori method:

  • ⚽️ physical development and movement games;
  • Movi language development;
  • ? Maths activities;
  • ? development of creative skills.


We are grateful for the care and attention given to children of different ages and for creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust.

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